Weather Delays and Cancellations

If SCA cancels school or delays the start due to hazardous weather, an announcement will be carried on the following media sources:

WKYT-Sno Go Report: Channel 27 or; click on Sno Go

WTVQ-SnoWatch: Channel 36 or; click on School closings

WLEX-SnowTracker: Channel 18 or; click on StormTracker

A decision will always be made and reported to the above media sources by 6 a.m. Please do not call teachers or the principal to find out about school cancellations.

Parents reserve the right to determine if it is too dangerous for you to attempt to bring your students to school. Absences for dangerous roads will be excused with a note from a parent; however, keep in mind that after five absences in a semester, students must have a medical excuse for any additional absences.