Why Christian Education?

It has been said that we now live in a post-Christian nation. How can a country founded so firmly on Christian principles have strayed so far from its origin?

Subtle changes are often hard to see. We barely notice our children’s growth until we compare them to photos taken a year or two earlier. So it is with our culture. The shift in this country away from “one nation under God” often comes in increments small enough to not catch our attention. It is only when we compare the moral environment of each generation to the one prior one that the alarm bells start to sound.

A Christian education is a return to the values that made this nation great. Honor, integrity and respect for God, family, and others are central to the education experience. It is the issue of how God wants us to educate our children rather than where. When the principles and values of a Christian home are operating in the classroom, children will be more apt to know and love God. The result is a strengthening of families, churches and communities.