Why I Love SCA!

Choosing to send our four children to Summit Christian Academy (SCA) over the last decade has been a blessing, but having been brought up in public schools ourselves, we initially found it difficult deciding between public and private school. Below are some of the reasons we are grateful God led us to SCA.

SCA effectively partners with us as parents in our efforts in raising our children with the Truth of the Christian worldview. Throughout the day, they are immersed in God’s Word, His Grace, and His teachings through memory verses, weekly chapel, and prayers while they learn to develop their God-given academic and artistic gifts and talents. Reading, Writing, Science, Math, History, Language Arts, Computer, Music, PE, & Art are taught in a Christian worldview such that the children experience, depend, and relate with God’s creative genius.

SCA’s principal, teachers, and administrative workers are committed to excellence. They are committed to their students, not just their paycheck. Many in the SCA body provide necessary volunteer help. It is heart-warming to know that the whole staff prays for our children and their growth in mind, body, and spirit on a daily basis. Emphasis is placed on the development of moral character, not just good behavior.

SCA is led by a team of passionate educators, staff, Parent-Teacher Fellowship, and Board members whose dependence and commitment to Christ is evident in their gracious camaraderie, excellent academic curriculum, and a variety of extracurricular learning and competitive sports. Feedback regarding areas of improvement are sought after and addressed in a timely fashion.

Every year is important in a child’s development, but research shows that the early years are the most critical of all. Oswald Chambers puts it this way: “The mature nature is the life of a child . . . where all consciousness of ourselves and of what God is doing through us is eliminated. A saint is never consciously a saint; a saint is consciously dependent on God.” Therefore, although Christian private education may appear to cost more to you than public education, it ends up being one of the best investments you can make in your children’s futures.

Drs. Paul and Josephine Glaser